• Image of Last MEDIUM Burgundy "Queen Status" Women's Tank Top

This is the last sizes for the burgundy color way on women’s Tank Tops that displays Davina’s logo & says “Queen Status” (Davina’s record label) but this is also a message that many women can carry themselves in high regard, with respect.. like a Queen. It’s all about your mental state that exudes that Status. Always love & move like a Queen ladies. ;)

Black Women's Tank Tops with burgundy design. The mock up photo is just a sample but tank top's will be posted once made by printers. Racer back tanks with scoop bottom will most likely be used for these.
*Brand on women's tanks will be listed soon*
Bigger sizes 3X & 4X may be printed in a different brand but we keep it as similar & quality as other sizes. Price increase due to costs for larger sizes thru distribution.