Image of "FIRE" Davina Joy CD (Album #7)

"FIRE" Davina Joy CD (Album #7)

$20.00 - $25.00

Davina Joy's 7th album release "FIRE". Official release date was 6/7 & is also available on all digital platforms. If you want your own physical copy/CD- this is where you will be able to purchase and it will be shipped by Davina whether you prefer a sealed copy or an autographed copy.

$20.00 is for sealed copies with no autograph or personalization.
$25.00 is for autographed/personalized copies (will not be sealed due to signing the covers & CD.)
Please leave a note on checkout if you choose to pay the added fee for autographs and you want a personalized name, otherwise it will come with a note from Davina as well as autograph. This needed to be implemented due to a high volume of people asking for personalization on prior album releases. The price difference allows Davina to know what option was paid for but also ensures less confusion while packaging orders. With a baby & kids to tend to, she does not want to make a mistakes or take time away from them if things can be made easier for everyone. Thank you for understanding & respecting this process.

Shipping costs are included in prices.


1: Light Ya Up
2: Fire
3: Do Right
4: High featuring Tito B.
5: Watch Me Go
6: Mental Stimulation featuring Richie Rich
7: Mix Of A Mess (with Davina’s Fam)
8: My Whole Life Is You (with Davina’s Kids)
8: Grandpa By The Campfire 1992
10: Worthy Of Love
11: Opportunist featuring Jordan Lee
12: Understand Me
13: Anxiety
14: You Fire Me Up
15: Payaso featuring Bossilera
16: Bother Ya featuring Da’Unda’Dogg
17: Disconnect
18: A Whole Different Life

Album Graphics/Photo Credits: Phil Emerson & Ms.Lee Designs

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